Frequently Asked Questions

Posing & Photos

Will you fix my child's hair? +

Absolutely! We provide a disposable comb for each child should they need their hair touched up. We cannot redo ponytails, braids, etc. but we will make sure that their hair is freshly combed.

What if my child is shy and/or does not normally smile? +

Every effort is given to ensure a smile. Very seldom do we tell children to “smile,” instead we will talk to them, ask them questions, and use puppets and silly faces to get them to smile. The teachers will also come over if needed so they can see a familiar face. But just in case, there is always make-up day if necessary.

Can I have siblings in one photo? +

Unfortunately you cannot. These photos are taken for the Board of Ed and/or yearbook purposes and are for individual photos only.

Will my child still be in the yearbook and/or class photo if I do not order a package? +

Yes! All children will be photographed for the yearbook and in the classroom photo regardless of orders.

Can you pick my child's background? +

Yes we can! We will choose the background that best compliments their outfit if there is no background selected on the form.

Can I have the pictures taken at the studio? +

Images School Photography and Portrait Studio are two separate entities. School pictures are based on volume and therefore cannot be done at any other time other than make-up day at the school.


Can I hand in just my form on photo day and send payment in later? +

Because the photographs are ordered as soon as the envelopes are opened, and due to the high volume of students, we are unable to go through and attach a late payment to a form. It is best to wait until make-up day if you do not have payment on photo day.

Can I bring my form to the school after the photographs are taken? +

You can call our studio if you want to drop off the form directly to us, but once we leave the school, we have no way of getting forms from the office. And without your form, their background would have been chosen at our discretion. It is best to wait until make-up day if the child does not have the form on photo day.

Can I just buy an add-on only? +

Our add-on items are discounted prices for the purpose of being added onto a package.

Can I pay with credit/debit cards? +

We do not offer credit/debit card payments for schools.

Can I post-date my check? +

No, as we use a check reader and deposit them as soon as the envelopes are opened later that same day.

Can I get change back? +

Exact amounts need to be enclosed. We do not open the envelopes at the schools.


Can I view the photos before ordering? +

Because the proofing option is costly and this is a school fundraiser, we currently do not offer this option.

Can I have my photos in black & white? +

We do not currently offer black and white for school portraits.

Can I build my own package? +

Packages are pre-designed by the lab and we choose the most popular ones. However, you can add any add-ons to your package to make it better fit your needs!


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